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Mechanic Working on Motorcycle


About Chase em Back Tools:

Founded in 1999 in Kelseyville, California,  Chase 'em Back Tools was started by a retired US Veteran, who designed a simple and cost-effective method of rethreading rusted or damaged threads on studs and bolts.

With the patented Chase 'em Back system, fixing damaged threads especially on hard to access studs is now a simple and trouble-free  task.  What used to require complicated and time-consuming tear down and plenty of luck, now can be fixed on the spot with minimal effort and labor costs.  Chase 'em Back Tools is the tool you need to increase your profitability, reduce labor and repair expenses, and decrease downtime.  

You will find our tools in places such as Honda USA, Lockheed Martin, Union Pacific Railroad, and on board some of the biggest machines and ships.

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