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Chase Em’ Back Tools™ has designed a set of tools that easily solves the problem of restoring rusted, painted and damaged threads. Say goodbye to the time consuming method of repairing damaged threads with a thread file and a steel brush. With Chase Em’ Back Tools™ you can restore damaged threads in minutes instead of hours. The patented design of the tools allows you to wrap around the threads and the reverse thread or chase back the damaged threads. Each individual tool is made of heat treated hardened steel. These tools won’t hurt the integrity of the bolt or stud while giving you a perfectly repaired thread.


Our C003s, 3 piece SAE thread repair kit, is great for cleaning, and repairing U bolts, and Anchor bolts (Non Galvanized), as well as many other general construction, and machine applications. (please note, if used on galvanized threads we are not liable for damage caused)


  • 5/8"-11,





  • We offer a 3 Year Replacement Warranty.* 

    *Warranty is void if "undue abuse" is apparent. "Undue abuse" consists of but is not limited to:

    Any use with pneumatic, electric, or otherwise driven "Power Tools", any beating, hammering, neglect to use proper lubrication, exposure to caustic chemicals (including prolonged exposure to water) or modifications to the tool(s) by the end user.

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