of Hollister Ca. Has Revolutionized  The  Heavy Duty Thread               Repair Industry, with Our Innovative, New, Hinged Reverse Thread Chasers. Our Heavy duty pro 60 line of tools is designed for repairing spindles, studs, or anywhere threads are used on Large Trucks, and Trailers. Our  pro 60 line of tools are made in the U.S.A. by Franklin Mechanical, in Hollister, Ca.  These Tools are Made of  01 Tool Steel, and have a Rockwell Hardness of 60. These Heavy Duty Tools are Hinged. They Wrap around the good threads on the bolt or stud. You then, screw in the fastener, apply lubricating oil, and turn clockwise, Then counter clockwise until the damaged thread is repaired.
This cold rolls the threads back into place.
Tightening the fastener gives them a Perfect Alignment.
We have drilled 4 holes in the sides of the large tools (4.5" F. to F. +) and provide 2 slip in handles to avoid needing to buy a new socket in order to use these large tools.
We have been making Hinged Reverse Thread Chasers for the Automotive industry for over 10 years.
Our small tools are held together by a socket or T-Handle
(small pro 50 tools under 3.25" F. to F. do not include fastener or handles)  . Chase 'Em Back Tools makes many Tools for S.A.E. or Metric.  
(ACME & Rolled Thread coming soon)
Our Tools are used in Nearly Every Industry, Anywhere there is a thread, Chase 'Em Back Tools can make a Chaser for it.
Our Present tool line ranges from (1/4" to  4-1/2")S.A.E,
and from (6mm to 27mm) Metric.
Our Patented, Chase 'Em Back Tools Hinged Reverse Thread Chasers, are a fast, simple, and cost effective method of repairing damaged bolts & studs that are too expensive to throw away.
Let's face it time is money, and these tools are the greatest time saver since sliced bread.
Whether for Yourself or for a Customer saving time and money is always an issue. The Chase 'Em Back Tools system is easy to use, and will pay for itself in a couple of uses All tools produced by Chase 'Em Back Tools are covered
by a Lifetime Limited Warranty*
All tools also come with a 30 day guarantee*.
If you are dissatisfied  with your tools return them within 30 days for a Full Refund. With Proper care and handling these tools can be passed from generation to generation. We are making new sizes of tools as needed.
If We don't have the tools you need, We can make it.

For More Information, Call: (831) 636-1300 Fax: (831) 636-1331 Or E-mail Sales@chaseembacktools.com

* If Used with any Power Tools or any Undue Abuse is apparent Warranty/ Guarantee is Void. If tool wears out, breaks under normal operating conditions, or is defective, it will be replaced at no cost to you.
The Hinged Reverse Thread Chaser
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